Our MISSION has 3 key ingridients

“Emotion is created by motion.” – Tony Robbins

When we take action and move possibilities, excitement, creativity and direction open up. Our mission was discovered during a hike.

Rain, snow or shine

Our events go on regardless of weather (Not including tornados, hail or typhoons).  The focus with this one is the mindset of I can show up, create and have fun regardless of the external circumstances.

Leave the world a better place

During all of our hiking events we give out litter bags and pick up garbage along the journey.    You don’t have to wait for other people/government, ask for permission or the perfect moment to start transforming your life and the world.  You are important and your habits make an impact.


#HikeOfYourLife is committed to supporting charities that make an impact locally and internationally with a minimum 10% contribution.


We mostly raise funds through our membership service which gives you access to our events.

– Get fit, explore, grow, transform your own life and impact the world

To become a member go to Patreon.com/HikeOfYourLife


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